Digitalization and automation of the real estate management

Efficiency under one roof

Huperty offers a complete digital all-round solution for digital real estate management.

Real estate management companies benefit from digitalized and automated processes, improved communication with all parties and more transparency. All requests and tasks are bundled and centralized by the platform.

A single platform that connects everything

Process optimization

With Huperty, standard management processes can be defined and flexibly tailored to your needs thanks to our intelligent process engine.

Improved communication

Simplify the exchange between all parties involved for a smooth and efficient workflow. All involved parties are connected with each other.

Increased transparency

Keep track of all important tasks, information and requests. The automatic ticket and reporting function increases transparency not only within the team but also towards the owners, the private or business tenants as well as craftsmen and service providers.

Interface compatibility

Enter the data only once. We enable this by connecting to your real estate software. Efficient work pays off.


What does Huperty stand for?

Huperty stands for the vision of creating a networked, overarching ecosystem in the field of real estate management. To achieve this, we provide digital as well as automated solutions in order to maximize efficiency.

In summary, Huperty is a cloud-based platform for the interaction between property managements and all involved parties. The main focus however, is not only on communication, but also on the digitalization and automation of processes along the entire management cycle.

What are the advantages of Huperty?

Through Huperty, all requests are bundled and centralized on a single platform. We not only digitalize your workflows but also automate your processes with our intelligent software.

We create a completely new way of online property management and offer a whole new exchange of communication between all involved parties.

The management benefits from interface compatibility, improved communication for smooth processes and more transparency. Huperty offers a variety of modules, which can be selected flexibly.

Inefficient isolated solutions are a thing of the past.

How many processes are being offered?

Huperty continuously develops processes together with customers and implements them on the platform. As of today, Huperty's universe comprises around 30 processes along the real estate. However, the process universe is continuously being expanded.

Huperty's goal is to ensure that all involved parties receive sustainable added value from the digital solution and can also measure it.

Can Huperty be connected to my real estate software?

Yes. Huperty's goal is to eliminate redundant data capturing. Thanks to interface compatibility, the data from the existing real estate software is synchronized.


Can I use my corporate design within the Huperty tool?

Of course. Thanks to the intelligent process engine, individual documents, text modules, reports and the general corporate design (logo, signatures, etc.) can be defined.

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