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Update from 25 June 2022

General Updates

E-mail sender

  • Previously, when sending e-mails to tenants and owners, the “” was displayed as the contact person in the e-mail
  • Now the display name as well as e-mail address of the respective manager is placed
  • Responses to such e-mails are now automatically forwarded to the correct person or manager

User-controlled language selection optimized

  • The user language is user-controlled, which means that each user sees the language set for him. The languages are now also taken from the ERP system but can still be set by the user. When creating a new person in Huperty (e.g.: service provider), a language is given.
  • The language selection is now also available on neutral screens.

Securing access links

  • SingleSign On links can be used for the barrier-free use of Huperty without having to be registered or logged in. To prevent these links from remaining unsecured on the internet in the long term, they expire after a defined time. As soon as an expired link is selected, a new link is sent to the original recipient so that access is possible again without any problems.
Ticketing / Task Management

Recurring tasks (tickets)

  • From now on you can schedule recurring tasks in Huperty and have a separate overview of recurring tasks
  • The periodic task automatically creates a ticket with predefined content at the desired time and always directly for the person currently responsible.

Automatic messages for the user

  • Previously, the automatic feedback about the receipt of the message at the administration was shown only for certain processes.
  • With the introduction of new forms in the web app for the user, this function was simultaneously extended to all requests.

Orange notification buttons for new and unread tickets

  • From now on, new or unread tickets will be displayed in the backend with an orange mark (digit).

Substitution function

  • Under “Settings”, it was already possible from the beginning to store a substitute. This now has an extended function!
  • Under absences in the module “Settings” you can enter your absences as well as your substitute.
  • The substitute can edit and view your tickets during your absence
    • You can define what your substitute sees/receives during your absence by selecting various checkboxes:
      • Send information to substitute 3 days before absence
      • Show tickets to substitute additionally in his ticketing
      • Send notification for tickets to substitute during absence
      • Send notification for tickets to me during absence

E-mail files can now also be uploaded as attachments

  • In addition to uploading Word documents, PDFs or images, e-mails can now also be attached.

Sent e-mails can be viewed in the history

  • When you send emails from Huperty, you can view them in the history.
  • With the “eye” icon you can see what you have sent and if it has arrived.
  • Also, the email has a status, by which you can see if the email has been sent and already read.
Properties module

Language selection when creating new persons 

  • For customers who do not have an ERP system, the language of the user can be stored in the backend.
    • You can click on the “Edit objects” button and select the person by double-clicking.
  • For customers with an ERP system, the language is already taken over during synchronization.

Editing mode “Short Cut”

  • Until now there was an editing mode “Edit objects” directly on the start page of the property module.
  • From now on this button is also integrated on the object level, so that you can edit your data directly on the object level.

Order within distribution list when sending letters

  • Letters are now sorted chronologically by objects, with the aim of listing people in the same household one after the other

Free text field for information on properties

  • Under the respective property there is a new free text field on all levels (excluding person), in which information can be entered.

Link with attachments new also for portfolio message (NewsFeed)

  • As with sending ownersˈ association meeting invitations or minutes by e-mail, a link is now also sent with NewsFeed entries when larger attachments are sent.

Extension object detail view: handling tool

  • A navigation path has been introduced that allows you to switch within a property
  • If you are on one level (e.g. person level) in the property module, you don’t have to jump all the way back to the overview if you are looking for something.
  • If you want to go to the property level, the navigation path will help you
Ownersˈ association meetings

Forward and backward buttons within agenda items

  • Within agenda items in the preparation phase there are new buttons with various functions
    • Next agenda item
    • Previous agenda item
    • Add main agenda item (when you have reached the end of the agenda tree)
  • When preparing the agenda items, you can now switch to the following agenda item using the “Next agenda item” function.
  • In addition, you no longer have to go back to the overview to enter a new one but can return to the desired agenda item with “Previous agenda item”.

Minutes notes can still be edited after the meeting has ended

  • You could already enter your notes before the meeting under “Minutes note”.
  • As soon as the meeting is over, you can go into the respective agenda items and complete your minutes at your leisure under “Note on minutes”.
  • Once the minutes have been sent, the meeting is closed, and the minutes can no longer be edited.


Update from May 01 2022

Ownersˈ assocation meetings
  • Assembly status
    • When an assembly is ended, there is a new status (state of an assembly), this is called “Ended”:
      • The owner is “dismissed” from the meeting and can use the app normally again.
      • When the owner is in the frontend under the meeting with status completed, he only sees the agenda menu, but without results. So he sees the agenda items the same as before or during the meeting.
      • There is an introductory sentence: The assembly is currently being post-processed. Once this is complete, you will see the results here.
    • If the minutes are sent via Huperty, then the status changes to “Completed”, only then is the meeting completed.
    • Only with this status the results, protocol, attachments etc. are then visible. can be viewed in the (app).
  • Assembly color scale
    • Until now, two colors were used to indicate whether a meeting was in the preparation phase (petrol green) or had already been started (light green). From now on there are more status levels respectively changed colors of the buttons.
      • Preparation phase (Blue)
      • Assembly has started (light green)
      • Assembly is finished (purple)
      • Assembly completed (can be found under “View all assemblies”)
  • Guided assembly creation (Wizard)
    • Thanks to the new wizard (popover) when creating a new assembly in Huperty, one is guided through the most important basic details about an assembly in the preparation phase.
      1. Set basic data
      2. Deposit quorums and votes
      3. Form subcommunities
      4. Define voting circles
      5. Transfer of agenda items from previous meetings
    • In addition, the data from the last completed meeting can now be transferred.


  • New settings for basic data
    • Date definite
      • A date must always be set.
      • If the date is not selected as “definite”, this is also stored as such in the ownership (date still open)
    • Visible for ownership (in the app)
      • You can decide whether or not to display the meeting to the ownership in the app
    • Online voting / Personal participation / Proxies
      • You decide whether the ownership can vote online, register to participate in person, or even issue proxies. If a checkbox is disabled, the button for that option will not be displayed in the Ownership app.
    • Add information / notes
      • You can now store information about the community in general and about the current meeting specifically
  • Acceptance of agenda
      • From now on, when you open a new meeting, you can take over the individual agenda items from the last meetings.
  • Submitter of agenda items
      • Until now there was a list of options
      • With the drop-down selection “Manual input” it is now possible to fill the text field variably.
  • Admission control
      • Admission control now even easier. Thanks to the revised QR code, the code can be scanned directly with the cell phone camera and the user is redirected directly to the correct page. Also applies to the registration letter, of course.
      • Furthermore, the voice can only be added manually for people who were effectively let in during the admission control.
      • This significantly shortens the list and thus the handling, but it also prevents incorrect results and calculations for the basic set.
  • Protocol in the preparation phase
      • Previously, minutes were taken during each live meeting.
      • From now on, it is possible to leave notes already in the preparation phase (under the respective agenda items), which can be supplemented during the meeting.
  • Audit Trail Download
      • When you open a completed meeting, the Audit Trail Download button displays a list showing which person contributed what content to the vote.
Web form
  • The standard cases (forms) can now be stored on your homepage. Persons who are not registered can simply submit a message there or select one of the standard cases (order name tag, request pet, etc.).
  • You will receive these requests directly in your ticketing system from Huperty.
New forms/cases for owners/tenants
  • Under the heading “Service Center”, registered users were able to process normal inquiries and damage reports digitally.
  • The new release adds more options to better categorize applications and simplify further processing for administrators
    • Order deposit slips
    • Order key
    • Order name badges
    • Bank account changes
    • Invoice questions
    • Other requests
    • Report damage
Newsfeed / New message
  • When a user comments on a newsfeed entry, the host is notified by email.
  • The notification option can be customized in the “Settings” module.


Update from February 11 2022

  • New module: Document Management

    Thanks to the latest module, documents can be conveniently stored centrally online:
    • Access documents anytime and anywhere thanks to online archive
    • Provision for owners, tenants and other involved parties.
    • Easy handling and selection options for individual deposit and, if required, also dispatch via e-mail or physical mail
    • Index documents with custom document types or tags and assign individual folder structures

  • Are you interested? Contact us today for more information!

  • Additional synchronization with existing document management system (DMS): If you already have a DMS in your company, you have the possibility to synchronize it with Huperty thanks to provided interfaces.


  • Communication with tenants and owners now even easier:
    • You can directly send form letters or emails to your tenant and owner base and/or also create newsfeed entries. Huperty always suggests the ideal channel for you.
    • With the complete overhaul, some new options have been added; you can now add attachments, can make a distinction between newsfeed or letter/email, create HTML formatting of the texts, automate the sending in a more time-controlled way, as well as also benefit from the “like and comment” feature of newsfeed entries. Other minor optimizations will also make your communication even easier and more efficient.


Ticketing / Task Management
  • Distinguish between internal notes and messages to the outside world: Clearer marking of internal entries and sending messages. Thanks to the visual and textual distinction, you can immediately see whether the message is visible only internally for employees of your company or goes to a person outside your company.
  • As soon as you are assigned an existing ticket, you will be informed about it via e-mail notification. As with all other system emails, you can customize the notifications under your personal settings.
  • In the ticket, you can directly view the relevant contact data. If a call is necessary, you can get the desired contact data of a person with just one click.


Real estate (master data objects)
  • Keep track of changing ratios: Each person can be stored with a validity date, which automatically prevents incorrect or outdated access after this date has expired. There are also new features for the synchronization of properties: Old properties are hidden by default, but can always be shown again afterwards.
  • The object overview also becomes even clearer; identical layers are automatically hidden. Thus you avoid repetitive layers when viewing and filing documents

Owners meetings
  • With the latest update, the manual marking and copying of tables in the Owners’ Meetings module is no longer necessary. Simply drag the data into an Excel spreadsheet to be able to process the data according to your wishes.
  • Have you ever reached the limit of the recipient’s email provider when sending emails with many or large attachments? Huperty provides a remedy and makes larger attachments available for download via a link. Huperty automatically detects emails that are too large and sends the documents via a link in the email to the download platform.
  • Download agenda list as a draft in Word without having to set it to “final” status: Thanks to this feature, agenda lists can be dragged as Word. In addition, all agenda items that still have the status Draft are also included. This way you can easily check if everything is correct and make adjustments if necessary.


Update from December 01 2021

  • New module: Reporting

    Benefit from individual reportings, which can be created directly with Huperty. Evaluate your data from Huperty with one click, create individual reports for your customers and subscribe to them for recurring reports.
    Additionally, all our workflows get automated reporting status texts. These show the owner in the reporting what the status is without them seeing all the details of the ticket.

    • Craftsmen directory: With Huperty, you can store your craftsmen and women for your entire company once and benefit from the direct increase in efficiency. Not only does this eliminate the need for repeated entry, but you can also store the entered service providers for selected properties as standard. Make your order and quotation process even more efficient!
    • For this purpose, the damage report can now be created even more precisely. Among other things, you can specify whether the damage is to your own premises or to general areas of the property.
    • Furthermore, messages that arrive as standard requests can also be assigned to a process without having to create new tickets. You can simply select the type at the beginning and continue processing the request in the same ticket.
    • Owners or tenants with multiple contacts? No problem: With Huperty you can store all contacts and assign them a role. This way, you can contact the correct person depending on the topic. Thanks to the deposit, the persons only have to be entered once and can be selected and reused again and again with one click.
    • Bundle communication channels: Capture messages that are sent by residents in Huperty. Thanks to the “detector choice”, the resident benefits from the automatic updates within the Huperty processes. Furthermore, he does not even need to register for this thanks to the single sign-on link in the email. The tenant then also benefits from the automatic feedback and updates.
    • Delegation within Huperty: Tickets are automatically assigned to the correct manager. However, the tickets can then be further delegated at any time either completely (responsibility) or only for individual process steps (assignment).


Update from September 20 2021

  • Receiver directed language. Thanks to the platform’s multi-language capability, all communications are sent and displayed by the system in the recipient’s language.
  • Interface Immotop 2: Another interface is finished! Our customers now benefit from the interface to Immotop 2 and its transfer of data into Huperty. This eliminates any double data entry.
  • Several contact persons at one company, no matter if client or tenant? With Huperty, any number of people can be stored as contact persons and automatically included in processes. Thus, you have the right contact for every case.


Update from July 28 2021

  • There is a new direct release information: The release information now shows when a new release with the features will be available and informs about new functions, adjustments and gives other useful information. You will be informed automatically at the first login.
  • Improved management of people
  • Spell check for free text fields (browser based)


Owners’ meetings
  • Extension distributor for shipping
  • New basic set for quorums for votes at owners’ meetings: Voting persons (yes/no without abstentions)
  • Manual and separate evaluation of subcommunities (MEG)
  • Definition of object voices per object (no object voice per object, one, or several depending on the regulations)
  • Opening attachments directly at the meeting in the cockpit as well as within the presentation (presentation mode)
  • Entry control becomes even easier, in addition to the independent registration by the owner, the manager can also let the owner participate with one click via device


  • Vacancy management process newly available. This will be seamlessly integrated into the reletting process for a transparent overview
  • Optimization of automatic competence testing of employees in processes


Update from May 31 2021

  • Third party integration via link with single sign-on


Owners’ meetings
  • Generate minutes of meetings automatically filled in as Word for additional efficiency increase
  • Sending invitations and minutes from Huperty now also with one click physical
  • Introduction of voting circles for certain subgroups during votes (Ex. MEG or House A only).


  • Residential reletting
  • Placing of order (forwarding of janitor, order with cost ceiling or offer)


Update from March 17 2021

  • Interface to AbaImmo (Abacus)
  • Interface to W&W RIMO R5
  • Registration email with button for simplified registration
  • Diagnostic Check: Standardized check of data supplied by the ERP.


Owners’ meetings
  • Presentation mode for live meetings
  • Inheritance of powers of attorney to neighbors, third parties
  • Advance voting possible with powers of attorney
  • Integration of owners without device during meeting